Microsoft Access – Level 2

This level of Access is designed for the more experienced users who have already had experience of developing application within Microsoft Access.

Data from a number of different application can be imported into Access, this course does not just look at importing data, but also at linking and sharing data across a network.  Part of a system developers role is to create a secure database environment, this is done easily with some of the Access developers tools.

Security can be implemented easily with the careful use of some of the more advanced form options, allowing the end user access only to what you give them access to.  Part of this course creates a secure database structure and the compilation of a Microsoft’s MDE file, giving increased execution speed and smaller file sizes.

Reports can be lengthy and unfriendly, but with Access a number of user friendly options can be used, allowing for grouping, sorting and totaling, this makes the more lengthy reports more manageable.

When you have compiled you data file, the use of queries comes into it’s own, especially when you start using some of the action queries like the ‘Make Table’, ‘Append’ and ‘Delete’, these can actually change and move your data from one part of the database to another.

If you are considering developing a database yourself then this course is for you, if you feel as though you have not the skills to do this, then speak to us and we can push you in the right direction.

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Office 2000

2 Day

£450.00 + vat