Microsoft Project – Level 1

Within Microsoft Project are comprehensive tools for resource allocation and tracking, reporting and graphical representation of data. This two-day course aims to introduce scheduling, resource assignment and tracking, looking at different ways of approaching scheduling and different ways of recording progress.

During the course the delegates will be given a basic understanding the theory of project management and critical path analysis.

This will be done by looking at creating a project using outlining and logical linking, assigning resources and solving problems. An important feature of project management is to be able to understand the data being given to you so that informed decisions can be taken, so delegates will be given time on interpreting the charts and datasheets.

Once a schedule is completed then we need to be able to track on-going projects and reschedule remaining work. This creates problems so the course looks at solving scheduling and allocation problems by using effective reporting.

Finally the course will look at the introduction to customising views, tables, filters and reports and the use of the Global.MPT file.

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Project 2000

2 Day

£450.00 + vat