Microsoft Excel – Level 3

Our third level in Microsoft Excel training introduces the use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the programming side of Microsoft Office. As this programming language is very powerful, this course only seeks to introduce the delegates to the environment and programming structure. We are able to offer tailored training further to this course if required.

The course seeks to cover the following areas of programming with Visual Basic, specifically in the Microsoft Excel environment:

  • Initiate code by use of the Macro Recorder and introduction to the Visual Basic Editor
  • Introduce modules and module types
  • Introduction to subroutines and functions
  • To be able to dimension data types
  • To be able to use conditional functions and looping techniques
  • Introduction to error trapping within a program
  • To be able to debug an Excel module

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Office 2000

1 Day

£300.00 + vat