Microsoft Word – Level 1

In today’s busy office we don’t have time to spare and with Microsoft Word being the most used word processor around it’s worth spending time learning how to use it properly.

This one day course takes you thought the basics of using this feature full program as well as teaching you about word processing.

For those people who are quick on the keyboard, Word offers a large number of short cuts, allowing the user to concentrate on the content of the text rather than what the mouse is up to.  For those people who do not possess those high speed typing skills the short cuts offered on this course are definitely worth learning. 

Making your document look good on the paper is very popular now and this course tackles some of those issues, such as character, paragraph and page formatting to an advanced level.

Mail merge can save everyone time when mass producing letters, this facility is quick to pick up and easy to implement into the office environment.

For those of you who are looking to use the other parts of Office such as Excel, we can offer Dynamic Data Exchange, this allows you to use the full potential of your office suite.

Product Versions Covered
All version since Office 2000

1 Day

£200.00 + vat