Microsoft Word – Level 2

Microsoft Word – Level 2

For those people who want more from Word we have the level 2 course, this is designed for the advanced user.

Many of the features looked at on this course relate mainly to the more lengthy document, features such as page numbering and headers and footers can save the user many hours.  Incorporate these features with section breaks and you have the making of a really high powered document.

Being able to manipulate graphics within a word processor is essential in this visually important world, the level 2 course takes the user into areas such as clipart and object linking, as well as using the graphical tools built into Word.

Lists of information can look very impressive embedded into a table, this is especially useful when you incorporate the mathematical features of Word and the advanced formatting options that are made available.

Being able to link your word processing document into a database file can save the user hours, on this course we link our mail merge into an Access database and look at how we can produce letters, labels, envelopes and many other documents automatically on mass.

Product Versions Covered
All version since Office 2000

1 Day

£225.00 + vat