Microsoft Visual Basic – Level 1

This is a two day course that introduces the use of Visual Basic, the programming language from Microsoft. This is also the core programming language in Microsoft Office.

This course is a technical course and so an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office would be advisable. If you are not sure about your knowledge please contact us and we can talk through your past experience.

The course aims to give a Visual Basic overview including the creation of projects. It seeks to introduce global and local Visual Basic routines, distinguish between subroutines and functions and their roles within Visual Basic. The course will also show you standard programming techniques such as dimensioning and the use of arrays, conditional statements and the use of loops.

Many people utilise Visual Basic as a front-end system to look at datafiles, we will introduce you to using external links to standard files, including Microsoft Access and others datafiles.

An effective Visual Basic program is one that does not “crash” so the course will also introduce the use of error trapping to secure your programming, debugging a Visual Basic project to make sure that it works and being able to create .EXE files to distribute to users.

2 Day

£500.00 + vat