Microsoft Excel – Level 1

For anybody who deals with figures, this course is a must, spreadsheets have become a standard way to communicate numerical information.  This course is directed at the beginner, not just in Excel but also to the concept of spread sheets.

Creating and manipulating formulae is the most important part of creating a spread sheet and to be able to achieve this on our 1 day course is very possible.

Excel can save you time in the speed that it can perform the most mundane tasks like simply adding hundreds of numbers, it can do this in a fraction of a second and it always gets the answer right.

Once your spread sheet has been created mathematically, it is time to make it look good, this is easy to do and can be very effective.  The sheer speed of Excel in creating, formatting and using will amaze you.

Creating graphs is becoming very popular in today’s modern office and Excel makes this job simple with some very impressive results.

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Office 2000

1 Day

£200.00 + vat