Microsoft Excel Level – 2

Spreadsheets are one of the most powerful numerical analysis tools available today, but tend to be under used by most. Our level 2 course is designed for those of you who already use Excel and wish to gain a more thorough understanding of the program.

You will find that Excel is more than just a spreadsheet program and can perform many more useful office orientated tasks.

The courses aims to help delegates to utilise “quick” features of Excel such as named ranges, keyboard shortcuts, etc., use multi-dimension IF…THEN… functions and present meaningful data using lookup/pivot tables. It moves on to the use of templates within the Microsoft Office environment and takes a detailed look at creating graphs.

A powerful tool with Microsoft Excel is the ability to link data from sheet to sheet, book to book and application to application. The course will introduce the use of OLE and DDE within the Office environment. Then we will look at using data across the Office spectrum by introducing data management with Excel, including linking to external databases.

Finally the course will introduce how to create and use simple macros, using the Macro Recorder and examining the code that it creates.

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Office 2000

1 Day

£225.00 + vat