Microsoft Project – Workshop

Much is project management is experience led and so to be an effective project manager takes time. This course is designed as an “open forum”, for users to bring samples of projects on which they are working for the trainers to help them with.

This course is aimed at current users of Microsoft Project, who wish to work through real projects with our experts. The aim of the course is to teach users how to apply the theory of project management and using Microsoft Project, as learnt on levels 1 and 2, to their own situations.

The class size for the workshop is small (no more than 3 delegates) so that the trainers can spend more time on each project. To make the workshop more effective for the delegates they are advised to bring samples of their projects to the course so that help can be given specifically as each need arises.

The workshop will help delegates know how to different techniques to managing projects and be able to extract information from Microsoft Project in a way that suits their needs. By using case studies relevant to the delegates the session seeks to allow delegates to gain expert advice for their particular applications of Project.

Product Versions Covered
All versions since Project 2000

1 Day

£300.00 + vat