Microsoft Visual Basic – Level 2

This is a two day course that continues from the level 1 course in the use of Visual Basic, the programming language from Microsoft. This is also the core programming language in Microsoft Office.

This course is a technical course and so an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office would be advisable. If you are not sure about your knowledge please contact us.

This course assumes that you have completed level 1 or have an good understanding of the basic concepts of Visual Basic. It covers, either in-depth or introduction to the following areas:

  • Controls (advanced, ActiveX, Microsoft common controls and insertable objects)
  • Validation (data, input, field and form)
  • Data access and data control
  • Introduction to ActiveX controls (creating, testing and using)
  • Menu bars, tool bars and status bars
  • Further error trapping

The course will look at creating a distributable program and packaging the system for general release.

2 Day

£600.00 + vat